FAG Club post-human fancy dress disco!

3 Oct
FAG Club is back after a rest over the summer with a marvelous night of dancing and joy
“The self disintegrates in this queer narrative into a post-human rage for disorder and uncivil disobedience”

“The concept of the cyborg is a rejection of rigid boundaries, notably those seperating “human” from “animal” and “human” from “machine.””

We’ve been away a while but now we’re back! Come and dance! Dress up! experience the post-human cyborgs (all of us)!

We’ll be playing an eclectic mix of Electro, Riot Grrrl, Pop, and anything else we fancy to get the kid’s dancing

F*G Club organises nights with a DIY ethos for queers of all genders and sexualities. Visit https://fagclub.wordpress.com/ or email fagclub@riseup.net for more info for more info.

Free entry!


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