FAG Club post-human fancy dress disco!

3 Oct
FAG Club is back after a rest over the summer with a marvelous night of dancing and joy
“The self disintegrates in this queer narrative into a post-human rage for disorder and uncivil disobedience”

“The concept of the cyborg is a rejection of rigid boundaries, notably those seperating “human” from “animal” and “human” from “machine.””

We’ve been away a while but now we’re back! Come and dance! Dress up! experience the post-human cyborgs (all of us)!

We’ll be playing an eclectic mix of Electro, Riot Grrrl, Pop, and anything else we fancy to get the kid’s dancing

F*G Club organises nights with a DIY ethos for queers of all genders and sexualities. Visit https://fagclub.wordpress.com/ or email fagclub@riseup.net for more info for more info.

Free entry!


Free FAG Club All Dayer!

12 Mar

FAG Club are presenting an all day event celebrating queer and women artistry including live music, films, performance and yummy food.

Acts include

The Hysterical Injury

Facial Hair


Performance from Paul Hurley

and so much more tbc. In fact, if you want to perform, please drop us a line!! We are open to anything….

If the straight world is not giving you any credit, and people who can only think in binary genders are making you internally gag, come along and join a pleasant, all-day outburst of joyous freakery.

Sunday, March 20 · 3:00pm – 10:30pm at the St. Werburghs Community Centre, Horley Rd, Bristol

Please email us at fagclub at riseup dot net for more info

The totally sober yule party!

1 Nov

With Yule time approaching we know it can be a difficult time of year
for people. There is the tendency to over-indulge in drink, drugs and

For this reason FAG club are holding a *totally sober
party*. We want to celebrate our ability to party and enjoy ourselves
without obliteration and raise awareness of alcohol abuse in queer

There will be live music from Nottingham’s Salmagundi, a 7
piece band inspired by music from all around the world, performances,
party games, mulled juices and a disco. Best of all, its totally free
thanks to a grant from Awards for All.

It’s all taking place at the St. Werbughs Community Centre on Saturday 11th December, 7.30-11.30pm. We hope to see you there!

Fag-o-ween cancelled

29 Oct

The tyranny of structurelessness has struck again! Fag-O-Ween has been cancelled and we neglected to say so on this blog until the day before.

We are sorry! The venue we were gonna use pulled out and we were left with nowhere to stand.

Fear not, we are back on Saturday 11th December with a totally sober yule party at St. Werburghs community centre. Full details to follow. Watch this space.

Happy samhain folks!

the ffags xxx


LGBTQI Communities in Bristol – Creating the Culture we Want!

18 Oct

What do we want? How can we get it?

FAG Club presents a panel discussion and workshop to explore what kinds of LGBTQI culture we want to create in Bristol and how we can make it happen. It is open to all, whether you want to get involved with organising things, are already, or just want to see what people are up to.

If you are interested in giving a short presentation (5 minutes) about an LGBTQI cultural initiative you are involved in please drop us a line. We want to hear from you!

Arrive at 6.45 for a 7pm start.

Free entry plus tea and coffee!

The Queer Umbrella

30 Sep

Check out this amazing animation made by Rosa Middleton called ‘The Queer Umbrella: Responses to what it means to be Queer.’

Well done Rosa!

UWE Queer diversity evening

29 Sep

This is a free event organised by the UWE staff LGBT network but open for all, featuring some faggy favourites. Looks like fun!


** Wednesday, 6th October **

16:30 – 23:00

The Red Bar, UWE Student Union, Frenchay Campus
Coldharbour Lane, Frenchay, BS16 1QY

An evening of entertainment for staff, students and friends.

Performances by:

Josephine Krieg – http://www.josephineallison.com/

Kristofski Kabuki – http://www.myspace.com/kristofskimusic

A screening of “The Lovers & Fighters Convention”, a film about the London-based Transfabulous arts festival, directed by Mike Weld.


And DJ Lisa Cupcake

Please forward to friends, peers, colleagues!

FAG Club Tonight! @ Midnimo

23 Sep

Tonight! @ Midnimo, Ashley Road, St. Pauls


Vegan Food! Tea Bar! Wheelchair Access!

feat. Purple Rhinestone Eagle!


Trash Kit!




and Woolf!



22 Sep

Easily one of the best sets we’ve had at F.A.G. Club was Peepholes at this year’s Pride. Having put them a few year’s ago it was amazing to see them blast away everyone’s heads in a tirade of reverb-laden deliciousness.

Check out these videos that have just hit youtube as well as their new split 12″ on Upset the Rhythm:

‘Airforce Trainer’


Upcoming events

18 Sep

Create your own culture! FAG Club Press Release 7th September 2010

In June 2010 FAG Club were awarded a £7,886 grant from Awards for All for the project Creating and Sustaining LGBT Communities. With the help of the grant FAG Club aim to build on our success of organising cultural events for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) people in the Bristol area since April 2009.

We will put on more exciting events starring the very best local and transnational LGBTQI acts, including live music, cabaret, performance art, poetry and film. All events will be free.

The grant is also funding a workshop programme that aims to provide people in the local LGBTQI community with the skills and confidence to organise their own cultural events in the future. From learning how to publicise events and drawing flyers, to contacting acts and sound engineering, our workshop programme will demystify the processes behind organising gigs and performance nights.

If you are bored of clichés of LGBTQI culture and want to make a real difference to your local community these workshops are definitely for you. Workshops will be a mixture of practical, hands-on and discussion based learning that will bring out the skills and potential we all share.

The first event will take place on 7.30 pm, 23rd September at the Midnimo Centre,St. Paul’s, featuring a visit from Portland’s prog-witches Purple Rhinestone Eagle, London’s queer dance party favourites Trash Kit as well as local punk-pop from bellies! This is a free event that is open to all ages. This event will mark the beginning of our workshop programme, as we will show you how to set up a show from start to finish. Please come down at 6pm if you want to take part.

This will be followed by a free discussion, facilitated by FAG Club members, on Wednesday, 20th October from 7-9pm at Hamilton House called ‘LGBTQI Communities in Bristol: Creating the Culture We Want.’ We want to hear from you!

On 30th October it’s Fag-O-Ween. Performing will be Ste McCabe and riot grrrl ancestor Stella Pace, and more to be announced. We invite people to learn how to decorate a space that is welcoming for the freaky and fabulous to strut their stuff. Venue tba.

10th November, 7-9pm at Hamilton House we are holding a workshop on how to promote your event. You’ve organised your event, how do you tell people about it? Learn how to make amazing fliers and exploit the internet to spread the word in this hands-on learning session.

On 11th December FAG Club will be holding a Yule Party, venue to be decided. Come and get cozy and enjoy the winter season with us.

Workshops are free but places are limited so please book in advance by emailing us at fagclub@riseup.net. We will be announcing further details of the events and workshop programme on our blog https://fagclub.wordpress.com. Please check back for the latest updates.